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COVID-19 Prevention Emergency Temporary Standards

by FCIS Team | This article was posted on 02 25, 2022 |

All Employers are required to create Covid 19 prevention plans to protect their employees. Similar to a IIPP, they must create a plan to evaluate the risks and resolve the risk.

California recently approved Cal/OSHA emergency temporary standards on COVID-19 infection prevention.

It is important to understand the requirements of the plan because of rules regarding excluding workers from the workplace. Upon notification of employee testing positive for covid the employer is required:

  • Notify all employees someone tested positive in writing within 24 hours and the person has been excluded from the workplace, and we have disinfected those workplace areas.
  • Notify your workers compensation carrier someone tested positive.
  • Contact trace, to see if you have any exposed workers.
  • Exclude exposed workers from the workplace.
  • Know vaccine status to know how long the quarantine is and if you need negative test to return.
  • Notify Excluded employee in writing within 24 hours their benefits available to them.
    • This includes a DWC1 that they eligible to file worker compensation claim.
    • In writing inform them they are eligible for 10 of Covid sick pay. (they are eligible and employer required to pay because they were exposed at work)

All employers are required by ETS and CAL/OSHA to provide 10 days of covid sick for employee exposed at work or gets covid at work.