Coverage for Every Need

Coverage for every need

You know the saying, "everything but the kitchen sink?" When it comes to insurance, we've got options to cover everything including the kitchen sink. If you don't see the coverage you need listed here, please contact us. Chances are we've got a solution for you — ;we just need to check in the back.

General Liability

In the event of bodily injury, property damage or personal injury caused by your business’s operations or products, liability insurance has you covered.


Whether on land, in the air or throughout the sea, we’ll connect you with a policy to cover every last bit of property you own.


You’ve worked too hard to let someone take what’s rightfully yours. Crime insurance covers your company against fraud, theft, employee embezzlement and more.

Product Recall

Recalling a product from the market due to safety or quality issues can be incredibly costly. Insurance coverage can help you pay for customer notifications, shipping costs, disposal expenses and more.

Kidnap & Ransom

Particularly if you have a global presence, kidnap and ransom can be an unfortunate risk of doing business. Protect your team members and your assets with coverage for everything from ransom payments and loss of income to medical and psychiatric care.

Workers' Compensation

Even with an excellent safety program, slips, trips, falls and other accidents can — and do — happen. Protect your company and your team with workers’ compensation insurance.

Employment Practices

Should an employee lawsuit arise, employment practices liability (EPL) insurance provides crucial coverage for defense costs as well as indemnification for losses.

Directors & Officers

In the course of business activities, personal liability and/or personal assets of company directors and officers may be exposed. Directors and officers insurance indemnifies these individuals and helps you retain qualified leaders.

Maritime & USL&H

The United States Longshore and Harbors Workers Act (USL&H) mandates coverage for maritime workers. Our policies help you meet these requirements as well as insure just about anything on or near the water.

Auto Liability

If your company owns, leases or rents vehicles — or if your employees drive their own vehicles for business purposes — auto liability insurance helps cover the costs in an accident where someone from your company is at fault.

Errors & Omissions

Mistakes are a part of life. Don’t let accidental errors and omissions damage your company — protect yourself with professional liability coverage.


Cyber crimes are on the rise — don’t let your business fall victim to costly data breaches or extortion. Cyber insurance provides vital liability protection and first party loss coverage for companies with a computer presence.

Trade Credit Insurance

Do you extend any type of credit to your customers? If so, trade credit insurance protects you against losses due to credit default or nonpayment.

Trucking Insurance

If your company owns or operates trucks, insurances help protect your drivers and assets in the event of an accident or theft. We offer a variety of policies to cover everything from physical damage and liability to cargo, rental reimbursement and more.