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Protect Your Property: Insurance and Wildfire Fire Mitigation

by FCIS Team | This article was posted on 10 05, 2022 |

In California, fire risks are incredibly high, creating difficulties with fire insurance coverage — and almost everyone with property insurance is feeling the pain. Insurance companies are heavily relying on third-party party analytics and data, causing certain zip codes and areas to become almost uninsurable. Some individuals and businesses have up to a million-dollar deductible before they can use their insurance.

For property owners, the best thing to do is to develop a plan and mitigate fire risk as much as possible. According to Kris Brandini, owner of Fire Break Protection Systems, there a few key steps that can make a big difference.

Clear the Area
If you have flammable objects near your structure, it increases your fire risk. If those items go up in flames, it’s more likely your home will as well. Move wood piles away from your structure, and clear and maintain a wide perimeter in the surrounding brush, including cutting back trees that could come into contact with your house.

Check Your Vents
In some ventilation systems, embers from a fire can get into the structure through vents — and, in some cases, can even reignite a fire inside days after the original outdoor fire is gone. Replacing older vents with specialized fireproof vents can prevent this from happening.

Install a Fire Mitigation System
From systems that spray fire retardant 40-50 feet from your structure to rooftop water systems that help keep the roof from igniting to fire pumps that use the water from your swimming pool, there are a variety of fire prevention and mitigation systems that property owners can install. With so many systems available, there’s a good fit for every need and budget.

Get Private Fire Protection
For those who can afford it, hiring a private fire response team provides an added level of protection. If a fire occurs in the area, the private team will arrive at your property prepared to keep it from reaching your structure.

Given the challenges of getting adequate fire coverage in California, now is the time to take fire mitigation into your own hands.