Chase Fiscus

Chase Fiscus


Chase founded FCIS when he was 19 years old — little more than a year after he graduated from high school — and he’s been helping the company continue to reach new heights ever since.

As a second-generation insurance agent, Chase was born into the industry (or cult, as he calls it). He started working at his dad’s State Farm agency at age 15, and four years later, with the help of a personal loan from his grandparents, he started his own agency (FCIS).

Chase’s day-to-day role at FCIS includes negotiating contracts with insurance companies, implementing new business strategies, growing the company and providing the overall vision for FCIS. An outgoing and energetic, yet detail-oriented, guy Chase is passionate about spending time with clients and walking through their businesses and job sites, and he tries to do so as often as possible.

Born in Thousand Oaks, California, Chase grew up in Moorpark and now lives in the Santa Rosa Valley with his wife, who he met in high school, and their two sons.

You Might Not Know...

  • Chase has an Australian shepherd named Diesel.
  • Chase has a need … a need for speed! He spends his free time racing cars and riding mountain bikes and dirt bikes.
  • An avid marksman, Chase enjoys hunting and target shooting.